What is the Highest Paying Cannabis Job?

Cannabis jobs can be highly rewarding if you have the right qualifications. Learn about some of the highest paying cannabis jobs such as consultants, dispensary managers, master growers & extractors.

What is the Highest Paying Cannabis Job?

Consultants in the cannabis industry are often paid very well due to the legal complexities of the industry. As the chief financial officer or director of operations of a dispensary, you will be responsible for managing the operations of the growing facilities, accounting department, and financial reporting. You will also need to oversee collection, processing, and distribution, and improve efficiency by analyzing operations. Additionally, you will need to develop and supervise budgets.

One of the most important cannabis jobs is that of a head producer or master grower. This role is responsible for coordinating the daily operation of the entire cannabis farm, ensuring that all staff know what to do and that they are aware of the laws and regulations that must be followed. The head producer must also keep a record of the growth process from start to finish, ready for compliance inspectors to view. They are responsible for making decisions on all matters on the farm, including planting procedures for each strain and its maintenance program, as well as ensuring that equipment is well maintained and in line with safety regulations.

Extracts and concentrates now account for almost half of the market in some stores. Master Extractors take cannabis plants and convert them into oils, hashish, and other concentrates. This job requires attention to detail and an increasing demand within the industry for expert extractors due to the rise in popularity of vaping and medicinal oil industry. Candidates may need to have a doctorate degree in order to be considered for this highly qualified position.

As a Master Extractor, you will be responsible for supervising the daily operation of the extraction laboratory and ensuring that strict procedures are followed in accordance with government regulations. You will also need to use your specialized knowledge to manage the entire extraction process, from personnel to equipment safety. The role of a dispensary manager is also highly sought after in the cannabis industry. This position involves communicating with suppliers and police, managing product returns, managing inventory, hiring and firing staff, training staff, and managing customers.

Owning a dispensary is hard work but can be very rewarding if done correctly. Retail workers outside of the industry can use their skills and experience to apply for a job at a medical cannabis dispensary and work their way up to become head waiters, supervisors, assistant managers, and eventually dispensary managers. A master grower or cultivation manager oversees the entire installation and cultivation process from hiring staff to ensuring plants receive the right amount of nutrients, electricity, and water. They must have extensive knowledge of all aspects of growing and harvesting processes as well as solving garden problems.

Testing is mandatory in the cannabis market so scientific directors are needed who understand standard operating procedures necessary for tests to be consistent and reliable. Depending on local laws this work may include slightly different operational tasks but ultimately they are responsible for preparing products for sale.


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