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Generate Google XML Sitemap

Here is the brief summary of its features:

1.  It generates the standard sitemap in XML format.
2.  The product has been developed in PHP languages and works with most web-server's configurations
3.  It is simple, easy and quick installation onto the same host that should be crawled
4.  Simple options for easy configuration that allows you to set any sitemap parameters and crawler settings
5.  Sitemap Index file according to the Google sitemap protocol and evolving. .
6.  "robots.txt" exclusion protocol is supported
7.  Our tool is unique as you do not have to run the sitemap again and again, our system indexes your sitemap and all changes to your site our reindexed instanly.
8.  Another feature that allows paid members to provide their FTP details to automatically upload the reindexed sitemap on your site.
9.  Allows to diagonize your site issues where it highlights 404 and detect broken links on your site.
10.  Google automatically is informed when sitemap generation is complete
11.  Allows you to add multiple sites in each category, specifically created for multiple management of sites.
12.  The system allows to add multiple sites and re-indexing of the sites unlimited times.

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If you'd like to use this application online for multiple sites, press the button on the left side to purchase it for US $10.00. For any further information please contact us.

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